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Les, My Dad

My Dad is 93, so an oldie indeed but he still has his marbles and only a dodgy knee to stop him from dancing with my girlfriends! If he could … he bloody would! He has a twinkle in his eye and the most fabulous sense of humour but most importantly it’s his unconditional love for us all that I am always blown away by.

Like most of us, I’ve not been able to see him as much in 2020 but if I close my eyes, his fragile frame and his knowing smile is there in a heartbeat and I’m grateful for that, may it never fade.

Dad was a builder, so no-one ever does a good enough job at my house and he’s always there like a foreman telling the newbies how it was in the old days. He carries a picture of me in his wallet to show those who’ll humour him, “That’s Jenny off the telly .. she’s my daughter you know!” and I’m always cringing but loving his loyalty and yes he is my biggest fan!

He’s my backbone, my strength but the softest and most gentle soul and I could not have been blessed with a more beautiful being to nurture me through life. Not everyone can say the same for their father an some people’s Dads are no longer here… so ladies, for one day only I’ll lend you Les, my Dad, you won’t be disappointed… but you might have to join the queue !!

Happy Fathers Day to one and all now enjoy those socks from M&S XX

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