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Grounded Little Minds: An online course that creates calmer, happier, stronger children!

Grounded Little Minds is a fun, online course for children to learn how to boost their emotional intelligence and grow their social-emotional wellbeing.​

Conceived and taught by Amanda Ashy (guest on Series 5), one of the UK’s leading practitioners in a mindfulness for children & families. Over the years,  Amanda has taught thousands of children how to develop their most important superpower – emotional literacy!

Grounded Little Minds is an extension of the in person social-emotional wellbeing lessons for children Amanda delivers across the UK, both privately and within schools. The course is ideal for children aged 7 to 11 years old (5 – 6 years old if viewed with a parent), and especially those children who may:

  • Have struggled returning to school after lockdown
  • Have had a difficult time with the changes that came with Covid-19
  • Keep their emotions inside and find it hard to voice their feelings
  • Who struggle to manage sadness, anger, frustration, rage or fear
  • Who struggle with confidence
  • Who need to build focus and concentration
  • Who seem to be little worriers

Many of the parents who come to Amanda for support are often looking to help develop a stronger emotional bond with their child, and want to help them open up and express themselves more. Grounded Little Minds is the perfect course to do just that!

The course consists of 7 lessons (each between 10-18 minutes long) focused around topics such as The Brain and the Mind, Positive Affirmations and How to Create a Calm Corner.

Also included in the course is colourful digital workbook, outlining the key terms from each lesson, the learning outcomes of each lesson, the mindfulness activity in each lesson and the materials needed for each activity.

The course is available for a one-time investment of £88, giving families lifetime access to the course material, a bonus ‘Introduction to Mindfulness’ video, and a colourful digital workbook.

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