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Green Stem CBD: Interview with Simon Horth, Director

1) How did Green Stem start? What was the inspiration behind it?

Our CBD journey began when our mother began suffering acute pain as a result of arthritis. When regular treatments didn’t alleviate her discomfort, my brother and I started exploring natural remedies. When we discovered that millions of people around the world were effectively using a product called CBD to help with chronic pain and other ailments, we thought we might be on to something. After just a couple of doses, Mum’s pain all but vanished, and she found she could sleep comfortably for the first time in years.

Having seen the potential of CBD with our own eyes, we knew we wanted to put this amazing product into the hands of as many people as we could, and so Green Stem was born. The name is inspired by the lush, verdant colour of the hemp plant that CBD is derived from.

2) How did you go about getting it up and running?

We spent our first year completely dedicated to researching CBD: the cultivation of hemp and the extraction of its most potent compounds such as CBD; legislation and effective ways to manufacture and market the product. We knew we wanted to only source the best CBD in the world and so we visited farms and extraction plants in Colorado, USA, learned more about the process of growing hemp and developed strong relationships with our future suppliers.

3) How did you decide on the kind of products you wanted?

By the time we launched Green Stem CBD, CBD was already becoming ubiquitous across much of the wellness industry, but we felt its incredible potential was being squandered as just another bland supplement. We knew we wanted to offer products that not only enhanced the wellbeing of our customers but that fit seamlessly into their lifestyles, complementing their patterns and behaviour with products that supported them. Now, Green Stem’s range of premium CBD products that can be incorporated into every aspect of your lifestyle in order to realise the remarkable benefits of CBD.

3) Your products are gorgeous and packaged beautifully and definitely stand out. It’s obvious Green Stem products stand out from the crowd, what are the product qualities you pride yourself on?

Thank you. We knew that a product that has been so life-changing for so many people deserved a style and look that captured its unique properties and natural origins. Thanks to the talents of our in-house artists, the design ethos that runs through every product line evokes rustic elegance and natural provenance, and it’s been thrilling to see those qualities resonate with so many Green Stem customers.

Just as important, our commitment to the environment has seen us use eco-friendly materials in as much of our packaging as possible, and we continue to find new ways to make our environmental impact as small as possible.

4) So many people adore Green Stem including lots of celebrities, did you ever imagine it would be so successful? 

CBD’s astonishing success is simply testament to its astonishing potential for improving wellbeing for all. Endorsements by celebrities and influencers have been great for getting the word out, but really it’s all down to ordinary people trying something new and sharing the benefits with friends, family and their social media. Nothing’s more gratifying for us than seeing our customers share their CBD stories in realtime.

5) What are your absolute favourite products?

Personally, I never start my day without a drop of Green Stem CBD oil. My favourite flavour changes all the time but currently peppermint helps to wake me up and the CBD helps relax me for the day ahead. Throughout the day, I’m fond of chewing on our fruit gummies and enjoying the occasional vape – our Apple and Raspberry vape liquid has a lovely autumnal taste that’s perfect for this time of year.

6) What has surprised you most about running your own successful business?

Starting any business brings immense challenges, but it’s been an incredible journey full of unexpected rewards. Learning more about CBD at the same time as understanding how our products can best help people across a wide variety of ailments has been enriching and illuminating. And hearing first-hand about how Green Stem CBD helps people in their daily lives never gets boring!

7) Your products are fantastic for busy Mums, helping with stress and anxiety. Do you think there’s enough awareness of the benefits CBD offers?

There is a wealth of information out there that aims to inform people about the properties and benefits of CBD. The problem is that so much of it makes misleading claims; claims that aren’t supported by science. The study of CBD is ongoing and is an area of intense medical interest, but until the medicinal benefits of CBD are conclusively validated by clinical research, it’s vital for CBD companies to present the facts honestly. At Green Stem CBD, we strive to communicate the benefits of CBD accurately, legally and with our customers’ health and safety our absolute priority.

8) What’s your proudest moment so far since launching?

It would have been winning our first awards in 2019, at the UK Hemp and CBD expo for Best CBD Oil, Best Inhalable, Best Cosmetic, Best Packaging and Best Exhibition Stand. That was an incredible moment, but we’ve since won more industry awards than any other UK CBD brand, so it’s getting harder to pick a single moment! Just seeing the positive effect our products have had on our customers’ wellbeing is all I need to feel proud of the hard work we’ve put in to making Green Stem CBD such an attractive, versatile and effective supplement.

9) You were recently involved in launching Colorado Gin which has been big success. What’s coming up in the future?

Developing a CBD-infused gin with Surrey-based distillers Silent Pool was great fun, and the spirit that resulted, Colorado High, surpassed our expectations. It’s inspired us to explore other ways to make CBD even more useful, interesting and fun and we’ve got a ton of ideas we want to pursue. You’ll have to visit us at www.greenstemcbd.comand on Instagram and Facebook to keep abreast of the great new products we’ve got coming down the road.

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