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Caring for your Skin During Pregnancy and Motherhood

Becoming a mum is a wonderful experience and one of the most incredible things we can do but, according to research, most of us feel that one of the biggest challenges is losing our sense of identity along the way. Dedicating time to a newborn, paired with such a big change in lifestyle, means we often forget to spend time on ourselves and start to feel more like ‘mum’ and less like ... Read the Post

Grounded Little Minds: An online course that creates calmer, happier, stronger children!

Grounded Little Minds is a fun, online course for children to learn how to boost their emotional intelligence and grow their social-emotional wellbeing.​ Conceived and taught by Amanda Ashy (guest on Series 5), one of the UK’s leading practitioners in a mindfulness for children & families. Over the years,  Amanda has taught thousands of children how to develop their most important ... Read the Post

Anxiety – Riding The Storm.

When it happens it feels like my world starts to shrink a little and everything looks and feels dark…..sometimes there is just too much information, too many opinions, and too much noise. And switching off or escaping it feels impossible. The last few weeks I have really struggled, my anxiety levels have been off the chart and I have felt depressed, overwhelmed, hopeless and tired, so so so ... Read the Post