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Les, My Dad

My Dad is 93, so an oldie indeed but he still has his marbles and only a dodgy knee to stop him from dancing with my girlfriends! If he could … he bloody would! He has a twinkle in his eye and the most fabulous sense of humour but most importantly it’s his unconditional love for us all that I am always blown away by. Like most of us, I’ve not been able to see him as much in 2020 but if I close my ... Read the Post

Number 3 The Dilemma

It’s been one of those days where my head has felt fuzzy and I’ve not been able to think straight. Usually I would blame this on the kids driving me mad however today I blame my ‘feeling all over the place mode’ entirely on my husband Chris. Last night as we lay in bed he declared he was ready for baby number 3. It went something like this…. Him “I’m 52 this July and I’d quite like a ... Read the Post