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Guest Blog: Sophie Pickles

I can’t remember the precise moment that I decided I didn’t want to go back to work. Wouldn’t, couldn’t go back - but I do remember that it was written somewhere deep inside me that I couldn’t bring myself to leave this life I had created, this tiny human, to go and pour my time and energy into other people’s children, only to return home depleted and exhausted. And so it was, that somewhere in ... Read the Post

Finding purpose in the virtual realm with Pilates North East

There’s a special word in Greek which I feel defines my approach to teaching Pilates and running retreats. That word is Meraki. There’s no direct translation as it’s more of a feeling or an experience than a simple adjective; it’s the soul, the creativity, the love that you put into something. It’s the essence of yourself that you put into your work.  My studio, Pilates North East, is therefore ... Read the Post

Green Stem CBD: Interview with Simon Horth, Director

1) How did Green Stem start? What was the inspiration behind it? Our CBD journey began when our mother began suffering acute pain as a result of arthritis. When regular treatments didn’t alleviate her discomfort, my brother and I started exploring natural remedies. When we discovered that millions of people around the world were effectively using a product called CBD to help with chronic pain ... Read the Post