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Kelly & Jenny are The Hot Mess Mums!!

Meet Kelly

Hi I’m Kelly – Mum to Ava-Lilly and Heath and wife to Chris.

We live in the countryside with our two dogs Zeus and Apollo and we are busy creating our own version of the Good Life!

I’m a Journalist and Broadcaster working a little in TV but mostly in Radio for more than 15 years.

I regularly feel like I’m drowning in piles of ironing and facing battles with my kids is commonplace.

That said I’m happiest in my wellies with my hair scraped back, no make-up just being with them all despite the craziness.

I launched the Hot Mess Mums Club Podcast over a year ago, as I’m passionate about supporting women and bringing them together.

I wanted to create a club where mums could join, know they weren’t alone and know it wasn’t just them.

There are times with children when you want to hide, I often lock myself in the bathroom so on those “type of days” I hope our podcast can bring some light relief to Mums everywhere.

For me becoming a mother changed everything, I’ve learnt so much about myself over the last 7 years and there have been times that I desperately wished I’d had other women in my life who understood.

It’s taken me a long time to except my million zillion flaws but I’ve come to the conclusion that perfection is overrated! And as I get older I’m learning to love all my flaws one at a time.

We have amazing guests on the podcast who share their lives with us and we always have a really good laugh that’s guaranteed.

I hope you enjoy listening to our podcast as much as we enjoy making it.

Thank you so much for supporting us and welcome to the Hot Mess Mums Club.

Kelly x

Meet Jenny

I’m Jenny off the telly who met Kelly last year and had an instant connection as an older Mum, lover of life, and family, on a mission to entertain and make people smile!

I’m Kelly’s naughty sidekick with stories and friends to share from the world of showbiz and everyday life. A yogi at heart bringing good karma and humour to all we discuss.

So blessed to meet Kelly and pleased to meet you too!