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Kelly is the Mum on the Radio

Hello! My name’s Kelly and I’m a 37 – year – old mum of two who works on the radio.

I’m married to Mr. P, our daughter is called Ava-Lilly and she’s 5 going on 15 and our son Heath who is 1.

Also living with us amid all the chaos is our two naughty dogs Apollo and Zeus.

We live in The Edwardian or the Money Pit as I often call it, which we’ve been renovating for the last two years.

Feeling like I’m drowning in piles of ironing and facing regular battles with my kids is commonplace in my house.

I live in my favourite pair of old but comfy leggings from Pink with my hair scrapped back, and no make-up most of the time.

I’m still coming to terms with the fact that I will never be that ‘glam mum’ and I battle daily with that feeling of “What the hell has happened to my wardrobe, my boobs and my life?” (in that order).

My two great loves are being a wife and a mother, after those comes my passion for writing and being on the radio. I’m in my element telling embarrassing stories about my husband and sharing my take on life.

Despite how I may come across I’m not one of life’s most confident women and it’s taken me tones of courage to start this blog.

I’m one of these people who is scared of failing and I’m also a bit of a technophobe so the thought of having to learn my way around websites and social media petrified me.

My husband Chris told me “You can’t let the fear of failing stop you”.

It’s my daughter Ava-Lilly who really inspired me, she never gives up especially when she wants something.

She so resilient and headstrong and I thought I should be mirroring her and going for it.

So here I am ready to write about real life and hopefully relate to you.

There’s so much ‘perfection’ out there it can make you feel like you’re never good enough.

Well I have a million flaws and I’m learning as I grow older that it’s ok and actually I’m fine just the way I am, after all perfection is over rated.

I hope you’ll join me on my new adventure and enjoy my take on real life.